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Tax Tips For Late Filing

There may be many reasons why you can’t make the tax filing deadline, but know that there is a solution to this problem. For whatever your reason you may file for an extension up to 6 months past the original deadline. This allows you to create an estimate for how...

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The Top 4 Reasons to File Taxes Early

Tax season happens every year like clockwork, but when April rolls around a lot of people are left scrambling. According to the IRS, about 20 percent of taxpayers wait until a week before the deadline to file their taxes. Here are some reasons that taxpayers...

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We’re Here If You Need Tax Help

When you’re filing your taxes online, you may require assistance before you can complete the process. This may be because you don’t understand a specific part of a tax form and need it to be simplified. Also, you might want to know if there are more ways that you can...

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Tax Tips Provided Just For You

Every fall, the IRS changes the dollar amounts for over 40 different tax provisions. These provisions change every year and it is important that you keep track of them because you could end up saving yourself a lot of money. Don’t be the one that misses out on a...

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Tax Tips That Can Save You From Scammers

EZ Online Tax Filing always has the best tips on tax filing for you and this one in particular can save you from scammers. Many con artists will call you over the telephone claiming to be IRS agents. They will tell you that you owe a sum of money to the U.S. Treasury...

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Tax Tips – Virtual Currency

Virtual currency, such as bitcoin, is becoming extremely popular during the age of technology. Many people highly value it because it makes being online a lot simpler. An important tip about virtual currency and taxes is this, the IRS considers it as property, not as...

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Tax Forms Can be Scary

The 1040 and 1040a forms have so much information on them that they can scare the taxpayers away, but there is no need to fear because EZ Online Tax Filing is here. We won’t let those pesky forms get the best of you because we have simplified them so you will have no...

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Search For Tax Help No More

You may have searched for assistance with your taxes for quite some time, but have not really found anything worth your time. Well if you use EZ Online Tax Filing to help you file your taxes online, then you will not be disappointed with the help that you receive. We...

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Reliable Tax Tips

Filing your taxes is an important process that one must do every year. That is why when you run into problems during tax filing, you want to have the right help guiding you through it so you can complete your e-filing properly. EZ Online Tax Filing is the service to...

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Having Trouble With Tax Forms?

Are you having issues filling out the forms for your taxes? Lucky for you we can help translate these forms into a language that you can understand better. We have the tools to help you fill them out as quick and easy as possible. So don’t hesitate to contact us EZ...

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