Efiling your taxes online can be done from the comfort of your own living room.

Before you start the efile process make sure you have all the documents you need. This includes all your Forms W-2 whether you are getting a refund or paying taxes. From every employer you had over the year you should receive an IRS Form W-2, and a Wage and Tax Statement. Employers have until the last day of January to issue your 2011 Form W-2 earnings statement.

If you haven’t received your W-2, you need to take steps to obtain it.

If you did not get your W-2, contact your employer to find out if it was sent. Double check the details – it might have been returned to the employer because of an incorrect or incomplete address.  After calling you employer, give a reasonable amount of time for them to resend or issue the form. Regardless of using an instant tax service such as Mohave Tax Clinic or HR Block, you need all your forms.

If you don’t receive your tax forms by Feb. 14, get in touch with the IRS for assistance at 800-829-1040. Even if you don’t have the correct forms you still must file your tax return or request an extension to file by April 17. Your employment may have involved you in other forms such as 1040EZ, 1040 or 1040A for paying taxes. Regardless, you need complete your efiling or file by paper by the due date of your extension.