Filing taxes online is a snap! It puts a smile on your face!

Taxcut! Tax act! Regardless of what’s going on the economy, the IRS says efiling is safe and easy. Believe it or not nearly 80 percent of taxpayers file electronically. If you haven’t tried it with Turbo Tax, now is the time to try it with us!  Since 1990 the IRS has processed more than a billion individual tax returns safely and securely across the nation. The number of people who file with a paper return or who mail goes down each year for very good reasons.

It’s safe and secure. As an e-file provider we must meet strict guidelines and provide you with the ultimate in encryption technology. You will get acknowledgement within 48 hours that the IRS received your return. In the majority of cases, unless you have made an error, you’ll get your tax refund in as few as 10 days. Imagine having a check in hand or money in the bank through direct deposit in just over a week. That’s why filing taxes online puts a smile on the faces of Americans everywhere!