Mohave Tax Clinic specializes in resolving individual income tax problems. We prepare computer assisted federal and most state tax returns as early as 1989. Beginning in 2013 Mohave Tax Clinic is your premier online tax filing site.

Mohave Tax Clinic began business in February 1981 as Yuma Tax Clinic in Yuma, Arizona. In 1988 relocation was made to Kingman, Arizona as Kingman Tax Clinic. As our client base grew, Kingman Tax Clinic became Mohave Tax Clinic, reflecting the extent of our client base. Mohave Tax Clinic is expert in alternate state tax returns. As our clients have moved on, and by our continual electronic capability, we now span the nation, and on occasion, into Canada. We continue to have clients in located in numerous states around the nation. By this expanse, Mohave Tax Clinic will visit most of the 45 states with income taxes each year.

Mohave Tax Clinic charges a little more than half that price.  But for an even better deal: at our online tax prep site you can prepare the same return for $39.95 plus $29.95 to add the state return a total of less than $70.00.You can pay $233.00 or $130.00 or $70.00.  Make the right choice.  Go to and file your return and save money doing it.