We’ve gathered some of the most common mistakes made while filing taxes.

First and foremost, your signature. It’s one of the easiest parts of doing your taxes, but some people still forget to do it. You might use the wrong SSN. This is a very common mistake! We all like to think we know this number by heart, but if you feel you have to guess get the card out and copy. Many people have incorrectly spelled their name on a tax refund. This is a common occurrence, over thinking and stress can leave you with blank spaces.

Confusion on your filing status. We like to think its pretty clear if you’re married or single, but the confusion is whether to claim head of household or single. It’s very common for people to claim deductions or credits they do not qualify for. Or to miss out on the same tax breaks they do qualify for. If you a requesting a refund to be direct deposited, you have to enter the correct account number. This is a common mistake, one number off and the IRS will send your papers back to be corrected. Math errors are a mistake made by many people. The IRS believes people who file with pen and paper are 20 times more likely to make the mistake than those who e-file.

E-filing has proven to be the most efficient way to file taxes. Keep these tax tips in mind when you file this year.

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